TacoWow is a Latin American fast food restaurant that prides itself in Mexican and latino Cuisine for everyone in the bay ridge area!

This idea was: 

Inspired by fellow Hispanic investors who wanted a change in the Fast Food Business. Latino cooking relies only on the freshest ingredients so we decided to go fresh which inspired our "Rico Fresco" Slogan. Today we serve authentic Latino Food and most known for our delicious Tacos.

using only the best ingredients that we have. Visit us and taste the Hispanic dream that was envisioned by

people who had a love for Traditional Mexican latino Food.



Our Tacos have only the best ingredients. Each Taco is made with love and packed with flavor. Fresh meat and 100% Corn Tortilla is the key to amazing Tacos. Each bite will be sure to make you say "Wow" or "Rico Fresco". Tender meat and freshly chopped vegetables will go great with a Jarrito a classic Mexican soft drink with only real sugar.  Come and try today the amazed signature "Al Pastor" Taco a mix of spice and sweetness.   

8612 4th Ave  Brooklyn NY, 11209       

Tel : 347-457-5060

6:00 AM - 8:00 PM / MONDAY  - SUNDAY 


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